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Walk with Me

I walk with you and lead you in the paths you cannot see.
Hold My hand Ė letís walk together, you and Me.
Stay close by My side, lean on Me when the way is rough,
I can hold you firm; I have strength enough.

Look to Me. Donít try and see ahead.
I shall sustain you. You shall be fed
With the choicest of fruits that I shall supply for you
Not from old stock. All things shall be new.

So walk with Me. Allow Me to guide.
Let Me show you. I want to be beside
You and your children and show you the way.
Give Me the plans that you have for each day.

I carry your blueprint right here in My hand,
All that you undertake is already planned
By our Father who loves you, and takes time to care,
He hears and He listens to each sigh and each prayer.

I want to walk with you. Youíre no burden to Me.
Iíll walk right beside you and then you will see,
As our plans unfold, just what is in store
For a hope and a future, and oh! So much more.

I shall not direct you in the path you should take,
But Iíll be there assisting in each move that you make,
Upholding, and strengthening Ė in this I delight Ė
As you walk in your faith and not by your sight.


Elaine Leese


© 2013 Elaine Leese



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