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Rushing here. Rushing there. No time to stop and think.
Not just now. Wait a minute. The pots are in the sink.
What is it now? Can't it wait? Can't you see I'm busy?
Not just now. Perhaps next week. I'm feeling rather dizzy.

I'll just sit down and take a rest it's bound to do me good.
I'm sure I need to carry on but don't feel that I could.
I rested and I waited and I'm sure I heard God say.
"If you don't rest in me a while, there won't be another day.

You need to spend some time with me and listen for my voice.
Hear what I have to say to you and then you make a choice.
Follow my directions for you know they are the best."
So now I always make some time to be with the Lord and rest.

Lesley J Mills

© 2004 Lesley J Mills

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