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The Light - A poem by Lesley J. Mills


We see the darkness round us and ask where is the light ?
So many troubles in the world, that to us just don't seem right
We look for light in pleasure, we look for light in fun
We just can't see for looking Jesus is the One

Our eyes they have been blinded, our ears they just don't hear
Our hearts they have been hardened, our thoughts just don't seem clear
But if we have a little faith and believe what we can't see
The light will then come flooding in, the gift that sets us free

A love that has no boundaries, no matter where we've been
All our sins forgiven with His blood that washes clean
It only takes a simple step, to begin your life again
He stands and waits at your door, just longing to come in

Lesley J Mills

© 2004 Lesley J Mills

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