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The Invitation

My child itís time to remove the veneers
That have bound you for so long.
I want to free you from the past
And place in your heart a new song.
I want an intimate friendship
Like youíve never known before.
I hold your heart in the palm of My hands,
You are very secure.
Your life is following My master plan
Do not be afraid.
Walk in the path set before you now
Where stepping stones are laid.
Do not look around you
For any approval from men
Just walk in obedience, look upwards to Me
Iíll release you again and again.

Come enjoy this spacious place
Thatís guarded by My love
Enjoy the freedom, laugh and sing
Soar on the wings of the Dove
But in the meantime rest a while
Bask in My Sonís rays
Of love, unconditional, undemanding for you know
I am familiar with all your ways.

Elaine Leese

© 1993 Elaine Leese


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