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The Bride of Christ

The bride of Christ what can this mean?
Can I be married to a man unseen?
Can I honour love and obey
Commit to Him forever and a day

It changed my life when I heard His call
It's more than giving my life my all
My heart was softened I became brand new
And this can be for everyone too

Although we are separate from our groom
We need to be ready for He is coming soon
Living a life that's faithful to Him
And keeping ourselves free from sin

It's by His Spirit not by power or might
That our lives become a shining light
We have to be clean from deep inside
So we can be His spotless bride.

The Church will be united when that Great Day arrives
A wedding feast for all who have given him their lives
They will be all dressed in white waiting for their Groom
So all that's left to say is "Come Lord Jesus" - soon.

Lesley Mills

© 2009 Lesley Mills


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