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Matt Holloway
Matt Holloway - My Testimony

I have always gone to church as my parents have been going to church since before I was born. I went through Sunday School (and at times being fed up at not being able to stay at home and watch all the cartoons and stuff that other kids watched on a Sunday morning) but one of the things that is prominent in my memory of going to church as a child was the music. I used to really enjoy singing especially the more vibrant songs where you could really give it some.

At around the age of ten my parents, in obedience to God, opened a Christian School in Rochdale. I was not overly impressed by this as it meant I had to leave a school where I was settled and had a good number of friends and attend a school that started with only 10 pupils from reception age up to my own. This was a difficult time, as my Dad will testify, but it was part of Godís plan as it was through the school, at about the age of 13, that I got the opportunity to learn to play the guitar.

From there I was able to join the church worship group, playing guitar and subsequently leading worship at a local youth meeting. I really enjoyed playing and leading worship and I believe and have had prophesied that this is what God has anointed me to do in serving the church.

Worship is our response to who God is and what he has done in our lives.  Sometimes the overflow of our hearts and the things God has been revealing to us are not always captured in the songs that are available. As I have grown up and experienced life, at times journeying closely with God and and other times slipping,  or even  turning away, I have come to write songs that capture a certain time or revelation.

I have always been happy to share (or subject people) to these songs but have never had any way to share them beyond  my own locality. It is my hope that some of the songs that have come out of my journey and worship may be a blessing to others and bring glory to the only One who is truly worthy of our worship, praise and adoration.

Matt Holloway