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Margaret Lloyd
Margaret Lloyd - My Testimony

I grew up in a family in which religion and church had a part to play. Sunday school, bible stories and hymns were part of the fabric of life that I enjoyed. Later life developed around friends and experiences that had no relation to church, bible stories or hymns. Some years later a broken marriage and a baby son, John, caused me to turn back to those foundations I had grown up with. "If youre here God, help me", was a cry that was answered.

As a teacher, I worked with a friend who I knew went to church. I invited myself to go along with her. I met a small group of people who met in a community centre at the time. I didnt know it was a Baptist church. This group of people became our family and simply loved us, we started to belong. The journey to salvation had begun, but it was to take some time before I understood that being a Christian was not the attendance at church or enjoying the hymns and choruses I had been brought up with, or even the old bible stories, made new through my now adult eyes. 

I was to discover it was all about Jesus and his desire to draw me to himself. My Christianity is a relationship with a wonderful saviour, not a religion determined by rules and laws I would never be able to keep. I made a decision and invited Jesus into my life. 24 years later weve come through many things together. Hes been true to his word, never to leave me or forsake me. Im still getting to know Him and I believe the best is yet to come. 

Margaret Lloyd