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Elaine Leese
Elaine Leese - My Testimony

I have been writing poetry for quite some time.  I remember finding something I could do that was neither right nor wrong at junior school and it was being able to express myself in poetry. I used to learn poems as well to recite at Sunday school anniversaries and other similar events.One Christmas, my brother and sister and I decided to give mum and dad a “Christmas Book”.  This contained pictures from the previous year’s cards and we wrote a little poetic something against each one

You now know that I have a brother and a sister and we were all encouraged to go Sunday school – the Salvation Army, in fact.  It was here that Jesus met with me and I gave my life into His hands; I was quite young at the time.  I have learned that this commitment has to be refreshed from time to time because I have a tendency to take it back.  I have found it extremely useful to remind myself that Jesus is Lord over every area of my life; and the confession and declaration helps keep any attempt on my part to retrieve it. 

My poems have helped me come through different phases of my healing walk with Jesus and often express things that are otherwise difficult to put into words, going beyond the intellect at times.  I trust you are blessed by them and they are an encouragement to you

Elaine Leese