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Edward Thomas
Edward Thomas - My Testimony

As far back as I can remember I always wanted to paint, but the career in art for which I had hoped never materialised and so painting remained an occasional hobby.

My working life was spent in engineering, starting in a drawing office but gradually scaling the ladder to management and executive status. Through all this time there was a frustrated artist wanting release, an ambition still not fully achieved.

As far back as I can remember, too, my family was steeped in Methodism and for years, on and off, I followed the pattern.  Always, though, I was searching for more not always diligently, I must admit.  It was in my early forties that I discovered something I had never been told, that not only did I need a personal relationship with Jesus but that I could actually have one and, at a Bible Week in 1975, I discovered the truth for myself.

Suddenly my paintings took on a life themselves, light and colour taking the place of dull drabness and, although Im not going to make the National Gallery, I get great pleasure and can spend happy hours relaxing in front of my easel that is when Im not involved with Gods work in sharing the truth about His love and healing power.

Edward Thomas