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Annette Martens
Annette Martens - My Testimony

My name is Annette Olivia Keeble Martens.  I was born in Middlesex to wonderful parents, Alma and Fred and I have a sister, Eileen.  At the age of 21 I went to a Christian Rally at Earls Court in London and gave my life to Jesus.

Everything changed.  He became the centre of my world and he opened the way for me to broadcast my poetry on Trans World Radio for seven years, during which time I wrote some 2000 poems. 

I became a missionary and went to France, then on to North Africa where I learned Tunisian Arabic and started a small church of ex-pats.  On returning, my husband and I were supposed to take the pastorate in Tripoli but when America bombed Libya we were effectively kept out so finally took two pastorates in the North of England.
I was much involved with the deliverance ministry and when I went to teach in India, I wrote a warfare handbook for the local library and churches. On returning, I settled in Rochdale and recently joined Newbold Baptist Church where I have had the joy of directing a play of "His Last Days".

I write poetry on demand for people and books covering all genres. I now live alone but have three lovely children, Breeze, Rebekah and Luke, all married and four little grandchildren, Petra, Tia, Nathan and Jason.

The Christian life is never easy but is an exciting one and I look forward to getting my books printed and making my poetry available again to all who desire it.

Annette Martens



Annette passed away in June 2019. This website remains online in memory of Annette.