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A look at a few Saints by Derek Mc’s housegroup

We were asked to do a study on a particular saint
Well my idea of doing that made me feel quite faint
So instead of taking on that task I said I’d do a rhyme
But this wasn’t very easy as I realised over time
So here is my offering and I hope that you will see
Just what these godly people did to change our history
I hope you will enjoy this and understand what’s said
As it’s a very potted version that came out of my head

Roger brought the story of a very special man
William Tyndale was his name who came up with a plan
To translate the bible so that all of us could know
Why Jesus came to live with us so many years ago
Though this was illegal he felt it right to go ahead
And had pocket version made so by all it could be read
This changed the domination of the Catholics in this land
So that we could know the truth of what our God had planned

Linda spoke on Whitworth*(sorry) George Whitfield was his name
He made friends with the Wesley's who were evangelists of fame
They gave him a book to read “The Life of God in the Son of Man”
Which brought him to conversion which I'm sure was in God's plan
He preached the word to thousands as he travelled to and fro
Then set off to America where the Wesley's had gone before
Sometimes so ill he could scarcely stand he preached right to the end
To bring the word to the lost until God said “Come on Home my friend”
(*Linda tended to get his name wrong)

George Muller was the next great man and Alan told this tale
Of a man who lived in Germany who was told that he would fail
His father wanted him to be a learned clergyman
But Muller didn't take the path of a a money grabbing man
Orphanages were started and he paid every bill
None of them went hungry they always had their fill
He never asked for anything whether it was big or small
He only prayed and waited for God to provide His all

Mother Theresa is a name that lots of people know
And Tony told her story which started many years ago
She began her life as Agnes before she came to fame
Then for her charitable work she became a household name
Working with the blind the poor the homeless and the lost
She won the Nobel peace prize but never counted the cost
She just wanted to serve her God and did all that she could
She lived a life that reflected all things that are true and good

The life of John Wesley was brought by Michael Winch
As he's been a Methodist preacher I'm sure this was a cinch
One of nineteen children he was “A brand plucked from the fire”
And spent his life thereafter saving people from the mire
He travelled about on horseback over many hills and dales
Preached in fields to the thousands who would listen to his tales....
Of one who came to save us from our lives so steeped in sin
And how they could be set free if they would just ask Jesus in

This is an urgent step to take and should be done today
Our time on earth is very short and there is no other way
Jesus is the One we need so come and take His hand
He'll lead us to eternal life in the promised land

Last but by no means least Derek brought his tales
About Rees Howells a Godly man who began his life in Wales
He went out to America to try and make his way
But after getting born again he heard God tell him, pray
He went out to Africa and interceded for revival there
And the Holy spirit fell whilst people were in prayer
He founded the Welsh Bible College as God revealed his plan
For intercession to carry on by this very Godly man

Lesley Mills ( written over many, many weeks in 2010)

© 2010 Lesley J Mills


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