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Shocking damage stalks the church because too many ‘amateur providences’ have prayed for others without the Lord’s permission and authority. The bogus word from ‘the Lord’ has been more evil spirit than Holy Spirit revelation. Correct prayer that respects the sanctity of the individual will bring the sanity of His peace and wisdom.  What are the ingredients of true prayer from the heart in the Holy Spirit? Firstly, we must be aware of the tripartite being of man, and allow the word of God to be a living scalpel to divide soul and spirit, to reveal what originates in man’s flesh and what is of divine purpose. Read Nee’s ‘The Spiritual Man’ and you may be on the road to true Christian counsel as you live in those truths. The intellect is NOT the shrine where the Holy Spirit lives in the believer. Jessie Penn-Lewis predated Nee in this liberating discovery, of the great principle found in 
1 Thessalonians 5:23:

“Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you entirely, may your whole spirit, soul, body be preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.”
I am convinced that those ministries who cling to the traditional view of merely soul and body have been left behind by the God of truth. To keep in step with the Holy Spirit involves a careful application of truth being rediscovered. The twentieth century was a hundred years of rediscovering vital church and mission truths. 
So what has this to do with prophetic praying for other people? If we understand the word ‘prophetic’ correctly - everything! To prophesy means to live out as well as speak out God’s character. The outshining of His love, His wisdom, holiness, mercy and so on has to come through His vessels - us!  Most christians have trapped treasure deep down in their spirits. Praying for others has one redemptive aim: to liberate the real you in the new creation so others may see Christ IN you, the hope of glory. In our spirits there is the new creation. It must permeate our affections, to feel. 
It must penetrate our thinking, to see. It must provoke our will, to do His will, 
and pulse through our bodies, for His glory alone. Prayer for others is to make them truly prophetic….a God coming through kind of person. A generation of priests.

The Relationship between the Word of God and Prayer

Now to be a prophetic prayer warrior a very strong relationship with the Word of God is essential. Here are some avenues of enquiry, and experience.

John 15:7, 8  states the two conditions for answered prayer……..
a)  the indwelling word;
b)  abiding in Christ
Something of the Book must in IN you actively at work in your life. 
Something of the Blood must be OVER you bringing unclouded fellowship with the Lord Jesus.
We know from 1 John 5:14,15  that confidence comes from praying in His will, which is always found within His word.  This simple truth is underlined in Romans 10:14,15  where five key words form the link between word and prayer. 
Tracing the keys backwards we have five steps:
a)  the preacher is sent by God;
b)  the preaching (of the word of God);
c)  hearing;
d)  believing;
e)  calling on Him (praying).
The conclusion is that people cannot pray unless a preacher with the word of God is sent. 

Again in Ephesians 3:8-10 we see the relationship between word and prayer. To preach the unsearchable riches of Christ leads to fellowship of the mystery (which is the corporate sharing of Christ IN you) and to spiritual warfare where the church exhibits the power of the Cross to nullify the purposes of evil spirit agencies behind the scenes!

To pray for others prophetically we see two essential truths:

1)  Understand spirit, soul and body in order to recognise the blockages of self, sin and evil spirit power;
2)  Be aware of the power of the preached word in the power of the Spirit so your prayers have the proper faith foundation. When a sermon is anointed you are wise to realise God is speaking to you - so fix the revelation by taking notes or getting the tape! PRAY into the anointed word so it becomes LIFE to your spirit and soul. The anointed word is faith fuel for prayer. To pray the word of God as a sword of the Spirit is to take Satan’s prey from him!  So Ephesians 6:17 works to set free in a ministry of command over evil spirits in the name of Jesus Christ, our victor. This only attacking piece of God’s armour means using a specific word or sword given by revelation to destroy a specific satanic situation in someone’s life. A general sword like Revelation 12:11 or Psalm 118:11, 12  may not be enough. Here we have to wait on the Lord’s direction, to give the rhema word.

Prophetic praying for others begins by detecting the hindrance or roadblock Satan has manufactured that prevents the believer from becoming a disciple. Even the apostle Paul was hindered! (1 Thessalonians 2:18). Our desires from God can be thwarted and here we need encouraging prayer from the beloved! We destroy enemy wiles and methods by the sword of the Spirit before we can speak into an agreed future plan that the Father has revealed. There are so many dashed hopes in the body of Christ because of a lack of spiritual warfare! We take the Kingdom of heaven by extreme exertion! We press into the Spirit realm led by the Lord, our Man of war who has already defeated the devil. Our task is to overcome the one, who at the Cross was vanquished. A knowledge of the full panorama of the Word of God is required to move in aggressive warfare……….anointed by the Spirit it is our greatest weapon.

Deliverance is not an end in itself

Personal deliverance from evil spirits should open the heart door for the intentions of God.  What are the safeguards in prophetic praying for other lives, who are individually responsible to do the will of God?

1)  Do not emphasise personal prophecy. So much of horizontal words from God are minus His character, that what is being uttered is soul-power.  See Watchman Nee, ‘The Latent power of the soul’.  Sometimes an Agabus may intervene with a ‘thus saith the Lord’ …..but it is exceptional in the New Testament. 

2)  We need to experience the inner registration of the Holy Spirit in determining His future path. Refuse worry and fear and experience His peace or the name of Jesus will have no effect in your life. After true deliverance ministry the effect of righteousness will be peace.  (See Isaiah 30:15; 32:16,17).

3)  Be aware of timing in a life. Our past is preparation for His future……and counselling is to stop the past (sin, self or evil spirit) influencing the future. Many of God’s children are not in a place to receive the fulness of Father’s love-plan. We need great wisdom as prayer-warriors and counsellors to know when to impart a revelation.  Big prophecies have wrecked little believers. Can the revelation be properly handled?

4)  Never see deliverance joy as ‘I’ve arrived’! You have just started out the journey of faith. When Nehemiah cleared away the rubbish he could start rebuilding the walls. The recovery of the testimony of the Lord lasts a lifetime and beyond. See deliverance ministry as part of the salvation package, and related to inner healing processes.

5)  Know where the believer is in the Lord Jesus. Our journeys and pasts are all unique. Some get big deliverances and are pushed into a ministry prematurely. The prayer-warrior must slowly get a full picture of the person they are praying for. We must be watchful but never controlling. There came a time when Jeremiah could NOT pray for God’s backsliden people. Sometimes we have carried a person in our prayers - we are to help, but God carries us from the womb to tomb. Beware of the ministry-dependant sponge. You have to know when to call it a day with certain lives. Sometimes Calvary love is tough.

6)  Be aware you may not be God’s appointed channel of deliverance to a specific sufferer. Sometimes our job is merely pass them on to someone else, who we feel has the appropriate anointing to bless.

7)  See deliverance as a basic foundational doctrine and not a higher truth.  See it in the context of mentoring a disciple. When self, sin, and evil spirit interaction issues are cleared up the way is open for God’s INITIATING particular word to describe the future INTENTION.  Deliverance, like forgiveness of sins, is never and end in itself. Our goal is Revelation 3:21 :

“To him who overcomes, I will grant to sit with Me on My throne, as I also overcame and sat down with My Father on His throne.”
Will we walk the way of the Cross in order to overcome sin, self and Satan and finally take our place in the glorious future of reigning with Him? We need to pray for the Joseph remnant to come out of prison and for the obedient Esther church to move in holy boldness. 

Seeing Negatives as part of God’s plan

In 1 Samuel 1 we see the birthing of the heart of the prophetic. Hannah’s domestic tragedy becomes Israel’s national triumph.
Check out her three griefs of soul:

 v.7   provocation from Peninnah at the house of the Lord;
 v.10 anguish over her barren state;
 v.14 misunderstanding from Eli, the backslidden priest;
In the mercy of God she experienced three graces: 
 v.5 a special love from her husband;
 v.11 a vow to the Lord concerning a Nazirite;
 v.15 an ability to pour out her soul;
Out of these six aspects so beautifully linked and balanced, a prophetic heart is born -the one who hears God, and begins 400 years of prophets to Israel and the world.  Samuel, the originator of universities, came out from heartache that turned to a heartcry. Before the faithful priest emerges, we see three spheres of failure:
a)   Failure of worship - 1 Sam 2:16,17;
b)   Failure of word -  1 Sam 3 :1;
c)   Failure of word -  1 Sam 4 : 2 .
God has to thoroughly DISILLUSION His people before the TRUE PROPHETIC arises.  God is at work in the negatives among individuals, churches, and nations. The prayer warrior must discern this strange and unusual work.

In the New Testament the same principle emerges in 2 Corinthians 1:8-10.  The sentence of death is the particular work of the Cross that was cutting away self-reliance.…so the God of resurrection could do a deeper work in the apostolic team.  Some believers confuse a sentence of death with a spirit of death, which must always be resisted and expelled in the all-prevailing never failing name of Jesus Christ our Lord. In the very next verse, Paul writes “you also helping together in prayer for us” (v.11). God carried Paul through the heavy pressure situation, but the local church prayer meeting helped.

True prophetic praying sees the Cross in the will of God for others. Too often we see negatives in our lives as disqualifications for service. As we surrender them to a sovereign God our valleys can actually be essential steps to becoming vessels unto honour. Habitual sins will have an effect to hinder the purpose of God, but the valley of adverse circumstances so often hides a personal Cross so that death can work in us in order that eternal life may flow to others. The prayer warrior must carefully discern this, and not be wanting the removal of things that seem to obstruct a soul’s progress.  I remember once a keen and diligent lady feeling hindered by her once-born husband - a good man but not spiritually alive. My counsel was for her to abide and see the cross at work in the domestic situation rather than strive for ministry. She came to the place of peace.

We sometimes forget the Spirit-filled life will make us an automatic target of the enemy. The sovereign Lord permits the assault that we may learn to abide under the shadow of His wing, knowing our life is hid with Christ in God.  Job 13:15 says :

“Though he slay me, yet will I trust Him.”
Do we have courage to accept his acceptance even when things appear to go wrong?  God allows the enemy to go far sometimes, and those who pray for others must cry out for a continual supply of discernment, and for the trust of the sufferer to stand firm. 

Prophetic praying the Word

The Word of God is the way out of every trauma and difficulty the counsellor hears.  We have to find a Psalm to comfort, a verse to direct thinking, or a prohibition or command. The beginning and end of all true ministry is Scripture as a seed, anointed by the Holy Spirit, and obeyed, so the seed may enter our innermost being. There is a time to boldly proclaim the truth over our lives, (A); There is a time to sense what is happening through the given word and then find a sword of the Spirit to use in the conflict, (B); Thirdly, there is a time when God may bring a prophecy to encourage the sufferer toward God’s love-plan for their lives, (C).


To minister encouragement is often the vital pre-requisite because lives are so often broken, with low self-esteem, abuse etc. Declare who they are in Christ Jesus. This begins to release the necessary faith in order to receive from God.  Good procedure begins with the establishment of faith because, 

  “If you will not believe, surely you shall not be established.”
(Isaiah 7:9)
Here is a quick A-E of who we are in Christ Jesus, in the wonderful new creation realities, planted in us by the new birth and the Holy Spirit infillings:
A Adopted 
Galatians  4:4-6;
Ephesians 1:6;
1 John 2:20,27;
B Blessed
Ephesians 1:3;
Luke 10:21;
C Chosen 
Ephesians 1:4;
2 Timothy 1:9;
1 John 1:7-9;
D Delivered
2 Corinthians 1:8-10 ;
Joel 2:28  (old men, but not as a  derogatory term) ;
E Elect 
1 Peter 1:2;
Matthew 28:18-20;
John 6:40, 17:2 .

One could go on to F to Z, but the essential step to healing and deliverance is to know your heavenly citizenship, your status of being in Christ. Of course, sin and self stops us from abiding in Christ and realising our status.  Declaration, confession, and repentance of sin areas or unforgiveness must precede true Holy Spirit ministry. The depth of repentance corresponds to the realities of deliverance and prophecy.


The blessed relief and release in the Holy Spirit comes through a knowledgeable use of the sword of the Spirit to cut away demonic interaction.  Through a family member, a boss or colleague at work, through relatives or church friends the enemy attack can paralyse the will, torment the mind, confuse the emotions. Deliverance ministry is not just casting out demons, but standing in active opposition against evil with the armour that God fully supplies to make us heavily-armed soldiers. 


Getting words for others can be devalued to a hazardous game of fortune-telling. The guidelines are found in “Prophetic ministry” chapter. Let us have a holy caution before we take it upon ourselves to lead a life by directional, horizontal prophecy. Lives have been shipwrecked by trusting a “word from the Lord.”

True prophecy will accurately assess where a life is actually at; what have been the prevailing problems, and what level the resources are at to live in the good of the prophecy. Can the person rise to God’s level of faith? Are they deceived about some sin or self issue? Will they yield to the Lordship of Christ Jesus? ASSESSMENT of CHARACTER should undergird the ambition of charisma.

Sadly hundreds of Christian workers and thousands of Christians are disillusioned and frustrated because they have gone ahead of the Lord, working out some prophecy or idea of service, in their own resources. The first step in Christian service is to be a love-slave of Jesus, a bond-man with no rights, no recourse when wronged, and no reward for their labours. This call is for every Spirit-filled believer because if the Cross does not penetrate our lives we will fail to be a faithful follower and representative of the Father and the Son.

Prophetic praying for others sees the heart-state of the believer now, and the glorious goal of Sonship in Revelation 3:21.

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