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The Law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus brings a threefold blessing:-

 NO ACCUSATION  (Romans 8:33)
 NO SEPARATION  (Romans 8:35)
These great negatives of the Spirit-filled life are the goal of millions of believers who turn up at the latest deliverance and healing conferences.  Having been involved in casting out demons for 20 years, I can understand their search for freedom.   To live in freedom we ALSO need to see our position in Christ.   Positional truths are only a lop-sided gospel if they are not balanced by the reality of intercession and deliverance.   However, some fail to see who they are in Christ, and therefore receive only superficially the deliverance and healing on offer.   The balance of both truths plus AN OBEDIENT HEART is our path into the victorious living of Romans 8.

Seeing our position in Christ involves our understanding of Romans 5,6 and 7, the very heart of the gospel.

When you travel abroad (and living in Romans 8 is like living in another country and climate) you have to go through a system at the airport.

a)  Check In

If you are going to fly in the wonder of Romans 8:2, the first thing is the foundation
of Romans 5:1 ‘having peace with the Father’ or the new birth.  We check in by His grace at the Cross as a repentant sinner.  The status of ‘peace with God’ comes immediately and we will never lose that status!   The justification by faith is concrete.   However, times come when we lose the reality or sense of the peace. The substance of peace is found in Philippians 4:6,7:

“be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer......... and the peace of    God, which SURPASSES all understanding will guard your hearts and minds    through Christ Jesus.”
Even if we do not experience this blessedness, we will have Romans 5:1,2.  We could press the analogy of ‘check in’ further and see faith as our ticket, and grace as the passport.

b)  Passport checked and stamped

Now you have authority to proceed to another country!   Reigning in life (Romans 5:17) is not living lavishly like a King’s kid, but being enabled to put  your feet on serpents and scorpions. To reign in life we must receive two things:

 1. abundance of grace.
 2. gift of righteousness.
Righteousness allows us to function as a bold believer.  Grace must keep coming to us if the mountains (problems) are to become a plain! (see Zechariah 4:7).  We reign in this life through the release of victorious eternal life. 

c)  Baggage inspection

No flesh baggage is allowed to travel in His purposes!   We are sin-free only as
Jesus Christ is Lord by the Holy Spirit over all areas of our lives.   Romans 6:6,10 and 11 gives us our position of being dead to sin.   Sin is never dead to us, but we can apply the funeral position of “I am crucified with Christ”.  However, being sin-free begins with the position and carries on with the performance of our lifestyle. The position of being dead to sin means nothing if you ogle TV watching skin!

d)  Walk to the Gate

As you walk there are many duty-free but expensive shops. A tie for fifty quid! We can and must use the world, but with food and shelter should be content. The prosperity gospel based on self is a negative power when viewed from the cross of Jesus Christ.   Romans 6:16-18 and verse 22 is living  the life not merely loving the light (truth). At 12 I was mad keen on cars, learning all the specifications, but you’ve got to drive to get the experience.

e)  Dead to the Law

Romans 7:4-6.   When you go through the gate with your passport of grace and your ticket of faith you must believe the aeroplane will actually take off. You become dead to the law of gravity!  We are married to another, Jesus, who lives in heaven, in liberty and in the Spirit.  If you’re dead to the law of gravity you can be alive to the law of aerodynamics. The law of the Spirit of life has set us free from the law of sin and death. We are to live in the new law of the Spirit that  quickens our mortal bodies, curbs and controls the flesh, and leads us out to be sons of God.  In Romans 8 we never experience condemnation or separation from the love of God. The flesh will contest our liberty and will attempt to make  us visit and live in Romans 7.   We were (past tense) in the flesh (7:5) but now are in the Spirit (8:9). Which law are we looking at?   The law of God (7:22) or another law (7:23)?


In Norway there is the Law of Jante, which is found in the warp and woof of their culture. Here are some of its tenets.

a) don’t think you are special.

b) don’t think you are wiser, better or know more than us.

c) don’t think you are good at anything, or can teach us anything.

d) don’t think anyone cares about you.

It reminds one of the cruel Japanese proverb “the nail that stands out is pounded down”.   Existence means “out from” and “standing”.   We exist as individuals who stand out from the crowd. Everyone is special, unique, loved and filled with potential.   The Vikings have got it sadly wrong, and this law cripples them, producing passivity, restraint, false humility, legalism and condemnation. The stronghold can be pulled down in Jesus’ name as we renounce the lies, and we break off the unhealthy condemnation.
It’s not just Scandinavians who have a problem with law - we all do! The deadly virus leads to missing our inheritance.   The law increases sin, produces wrath and all manner of evil desire!  (see Romans 4:15; 5:20; 7:7-9).


The big secret is we cannot live the Christian life. God wants to ruin our flesh lives so that Jesus Christ can take over. In eternity the Father and Son had a relationship of glorious, loving revelation. They communicated by the rhema, living word. Religious flesh says we transform ourselves by:

bible study and reading,
church attendance and tithing.
receiving power and anointing.
A hundred times NO! NO! NO!

I’m not more spiritual by reading 50 classics a year, giving 20% of income or praying 2 hours a day and handing out tracts on a Saturday afternoon in the shopping mall.   I’ve tried all these things and my flesh was still strong and largely in control.  In fact, spiritual activities can enforce a sense of failure, of not measuring up to His      promises.   Eventually the pattern emerges of legalism, frustration, failure and condemnation.

What was the plan of God for His Son in the carpenter’s shop?  How did He live free from condemnation?  Firstly, Jesus didn’t figure out the Christian life on His own, or from Mary, nor the local synagogue. He did not simply read the Old Testament scriptures. He received bursts of advanced knowledge from the indwelling Father.   The Christian life is obeying revealed knowledge, the hidden wisdom of God, so we know the mind of Christ. Jesus got on a collision course with religion because He was the first human to act on what the Father was showing Him and speaking to Him (see John 5:19; 8:28). We need our DNA radically altered by divine life insemination, and refuse to rely on the flesh.  The flesh loves facts and information.  Jesus refused that and chose to speak from the Father gracious words of spirit and life.  In that relationship there cannot be

ACCUSATION        or
Romans 8 living is amplified by Ephesians.   When we are really living His life His way, Ephesians is the map.   For us there is one revelation :  CHRIST JESUS.   For our Lord there was and is only one revelation  :  FATHER GOD.
For 3 years the disciples were shown the Father through the Son.   They beheld, absorbed,  listened to and walked with Jesus as He related to Father. That is no condemnation.


The enemy through accusation, hereditary bondage, lies or soulish prayer can bring condemnation. If we pray for someone out of our own will, confusion and condemnation will result.   There are perils to prayer.  Did you know satan actually prays (Mark 5:7, Luke 22:31,32)? Did you know his accusations before the Almighty concerning you and me are actually true?  We must come under the protection of the blood of the Lamb. A new dependancy on the precious blood will come in these days to those in the body of Christ who are of the Issachar tribe and know the times and what the church must do.  (see1 Chronicles 12:32).

If you value the blood of Jesus mentally,
          extol the blood of Jesus verbally,
            experience the blood spiritually 
you will never fear separation from the Father’s love.  The blood of Jesus silences the enemy’s condemnation. The powers of darkness are paralyzed by prayer from a clean heart and pure hands.   When Israel prayed soulishly for a King, reversing God’s priority for prophetic leaders, not only leanness entered Israel’s soul, but darkness entered King Saul to the point of suicide. David had some serious sins, but was free of condemnation because of praise and worship, those twin divine cleansing agents. Praise stills the voice of condemnation at a distance.

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