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My Name

My name is written on the palm of Your hand.
Not ‘written’, engraved; and so it will stand.
There for eternity for all to see
Because You are so proud of me.
My name.  Engraved.  Deeply cut into flesh,
Written in blood where sinews mesh
With bone.  To the core; with wounds oh so deep
So that my name You might keep
Before Your eyes, so easily brought to mind.
Never forgotten; indelibly marked so that I find
Security, love and such tender care
From my Daddy God Who will always be there,
Because that’s His promise which will never be broken
(His word is His word that can never be broken)
It stands firm through all time 
And will not waver.

Words can’t express nor do rhymes give description.
Doctors can’t write the proper prescription
That offers all that You have to give
If only I rest and accept and believe
That You are my Rock; oh so firm and so strong
And even if I ever do wrong
I can know forgiveness, because of Your love;
Undying, unending, unconditional love;
Bought with a price; and it cost You so much
To know the reality of Your tender touch
On my life.
In my heart.


Elaine Leese

© 2009 Elaine Leese


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