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Little Bird

Little Bird
Crouched by the wall
Baby Bird
Fluttering – so afraid
Afraid to be
Afraid to fly
Afraid of seeing what’s on the other side.

The wall is so high
The wings are so weak
Little Bird
You were made to be 
As you are
You were made to fly
You can have confidence
That your wings will hold you up
Don’t go too far at first

That would be too much for you.
Just open your wings
And lift yourself up onto the wall
Look around and see

Explore that which is around you
Near at hand.
You are a bird
Birds are built to fly
Birds are meant to fly
You can do it
Having confidence in who you are 
Little Bird.
And when you have mastered
That which is around you
Spread your wings again
Little Bird
Stretch those wings
Let those feathers hold you
And move.

Elaine Leese

© 2007 Elaine Leese


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