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I Care (Isaiah 46: 3-13)

I have been with you since you were born
And carried you on My arm,
So do not build your idols
They can only bring you harm.
They will rob and steal from you
All that I can give.
I will watch and care for you
All the days you live.
And as you walk along lifeís path,
Please hold this in your minds,
Do not ever bow your knee
To gods of other kinds.

I am your God.  There is no other
Do not bow down to any other.
Your graven idols Ė donít compare,
They cannot answer any prayer.
I will deliver you, stay close to Me.
Today, as you trust, Iíll set you free.
Where you have been broken, I will restore
And youíll enjoy life so much more.

Elaine Leese

© 2007 Elaine Leese


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