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Many years ago when I was a young, eager, wannabe pop star I tried several times to write a song.  It was hopeless.  I could not get two lines to rhyme unless they had the words moon, spoon, or June in them.  Believing I was a creative moron I eventually threw the towel in on any song writing ambitions that I might have had.  

After I came to the Lord I continued with that same belief, often speaking it out to people who asked if I had ever written any songs.  Then one day the Lord challenged me to stop saying it because it was a lie.  I argued that my experience had proved it to be so but the Lord explained that as I was a new creation I now had the Creator living in me and, therefore, with his help I was able to write songs.  

Accepting the challenge with guitar in hand I got a pen and some paper and said “OK Lord, if you say I can write a song, let’s have a go.”  I have to say that my faith was weak and I was not confident that much was going to happen but I suddenly felt the urge to write about where I was with the Lord at that particular time in my life.  I had been struggling to accept the Father’s love for me.  I knew Jesus loved me because he had died in my place on the cross. But GOD the Father?  I had gone through quite a struggle to believe that He loved me too.

As I sat, quite arrogantly, challenging the Lord to “come up with the goods” I began to strum my guitar and a melody started to take shape.  I realised as I wrote that the Father withholds no good thing from us and so we must have all of the love that the Father has for us.  He could not possibly love us more than he does, even if he wanted too.  How amazing!  Before I knew it the words and chords to “He Couldn’t Love You Any More” were written down and it had only taken about ten or fifteen minutes.

I was so surprised and, as I can’t read or write music, I suddenly realised that I needed to capture the melody whilst it was still in my head.  A frantic search for a tape recorder ensued and eventually I had the draft down on tape.

I hope you enjoy the song and that the words impress your heart with the amazing truth that our Heavenly Father, even if he wanted too, couldn’t love us any more than He does.  He, Himself, is love and if you have Him you have all the love there is.  How awesome is that?

A big thanks to my friend “wee” Frankie Wood for his harmonica playing on this track.

Alan Mills



He couldn’t love you any more 
He wouldn’t love you any less
It doesn’t matter if your good at being good 
Or busy  tryin’ to impress
It doesn’t matter if you’re good at being bad
Turnin’ your life into a mess
He couldn’t love you any more 
He wouldn’t love you any less

The Father’s love it can’t be bought
The price has all been paid
There’s nothing left for you to try to do
A life of love and liberty is yours 
If you believe in Him
Who died upon the cross in place of you

Repeat Chorus

He takes us just the way we are
He knows that we can’t change
Without His help we’re staying just the same
But when we give our lives to Him by faith
He fills us with the power
To live a life that’s free from guilt and shame

Repeat Chorus

Repeat last line twice


Words & Music by Alan Mills © 2000 Hill City Music

This song is copyright only in that it cannot be copied for commercial purposes. However, it would bless the writer greatly to see it copied and distributed freely for personal or corporate usage to anyone who is spiritually hungry or thirsty.


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