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To be pampered for a year
with fragrant oil and cream
Has this ever happened
Or is it just a dream

Esther was the woman
who had all this and more
She had character and beauty
though her life began quite poor

Her cousin took her in
and groomed her very well
Then passed her on to Hagai
she was 'Special' he could tell

After the year of being pampered
and made to look her best
She was taken to the palace
now this would be the test

The King had looked her over
and liked what he had seen
So he placed a crown upon her
and Esther became Queen

But please don't think that beauty
is what gets you all you need
She had listened to her mentor
and knew when to take heed

Of all that he had told her
to be patient, fast and pray
'Til she knew the King would listen
to what she had to say

Quietly she served him
as a loving wife should do
With god's help she saved her people
her faithfulness won through

Lesley J Mills

© 2004 Lesley J Mills

Esther - a poem by Lesley J Mills


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