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Time flies by so very fast, the years just come and go
It always seemed when I was small, to go so very slow
Birthdays took forever to come, and Xmas was so far away
Schooldays lasted for weeks and weeks, not so the holidays

Everything's so much faster now, we're all in such a rush
We want things now, or yesterday, if not we shove and push
But God's time isn't like that, He's never in a hurry
He waits for us so patiently, He doesn't fret or worry

So let's ask Jesus to come in and help us through each day
He's just waiting to be asked, and He'll show us the way
We have a choice, it's life or death, we only have to choose
So do it now, He'll change your life, What have you got to lose ?

This is an urgent step to take and should be done today
Our time on earth is very short and there is no other way
Jesus is the One we need so come and take His hand
He'll lead us to eternal life in the promised land

Lesley J Mills

© 2004 Lesley J Mills


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