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Creative Hearts Ministries - "Culture of Glory" - A Book by  Keith Mason

Culture of Glory - The Glory of the New Creation.

God shares His blessings and character with fallen man, once we repent and receive the new creation. The Christian life is discovering the scope of the new creation. The Lord Jesus has placed everything we need to live the life in our spirits. We are called by the gospel to obtain glory, says 2 Thessalonians 2: 14. All that God HAS and all that God IS are communicated to us through the Lord Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit, God’s great “how He does a thing” alone knows the Son perfectly and lead’s us into ALL truth. 
In the light of astonishing new creation realities, how is it that the church of the living God is impotent and immobile?

Ignorance ranks high, and God’s people are destroyed by it. There was a man who paid for a transatlantic ship journey and stashed plenty of biscuits and cheese for the journey. His ticket actually included the fabulous meals on board, but he only realised his ignorance when the statue of liberty was in sight! On our heavenly path, many of us make the same mistake. We don’t receive all that redemption has purchased for us – perhaps only 1 or 2 per cent? This could be the believer’s greatest sin – living at such a low level of faith we are hardly distinguishable from those next door pagans who left God sometime in childhood.


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