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Christmas Long Ago - a poem by Lesley J Mills Christmas Long Ago - a poem by Lesley J Mills



How many people stop and think of what Christmas means to them
How many people really know what happened in Bethlehem
Do they think it's just a story that happened long ago
Or maybe they've decided they don't really want to know

Today we think of presents, of tinsel and log fires
Trifles, turkeys and sherry, fresh cream upon mince pies
But now I want to show you the truth about that day
So listen very carefully to what I have to say

Long ago a child was born in a manger cold and bare
Three kings came with some gifts for him, gold, frankinsense and myrrh
We all have heard that story but do we understand
Why God came as a baby to fulfill all that He planned

A child born of a virgin so he'd be free of sin
The greatest gift we can receive, is the gift we get from Him
To have our sins forgiven, to know His love and care
That we might have eternal life, that's what he came to share

No other could have took his place He is the only One
To bring us salvation God sent His only Son
If we accept him as our Saviour, then we will be set free
So remember every Christmas, that he came for you and me

Lesley J Mills

© 2004 Lesley J Mills


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