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Christmas - a poem by Lesley J Mills
Christmas - a poem by Lesley J Mills


Christmas time is here again the years they seem to fly
As soon as one gets started another one goes by
We tend to think of family and friends, the ones we don't see
Of how we laughed with one another around the Christmas tree

We had turkey and the vegies and lovely Christmas Pud
Or trifle and mince pies with cream, Oh wasn't it so good
An apple and an orange and perhaps a thr'peny bit
Were hanging in a stocking if mum could manage it.

Today the kids are different, they just expect much more
Computer games, mobile phones, presents by the score
Family times just aren't the same no singing by the fire
Or listening to carols, sung by a heavenly choir

Perhaps we should remember at this time of year
Why as a babe in Bethlehem Jesus did appear
He came to bring eternal life to all who would believe
And nobody will perish if they just receive

God's free gift of Jesus Christ to set each person free
The old, the young, the short, the tall, even you and me
So please think, of these things, on this Christmas morn
And remember why, Jesus Christ, as a babe was born

Lesley J Mills

© 2004 Lesley J Mills


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