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What does abiding mean to you?
There are lots of different ways
To wait, endure accept or bear
To continue, remain or stay

It’s a being, not a doing word
Enduring without yielding
Not letting things get in the way
Of time spent bible reading

Having that intimate time with him
It really is a choice
To spend more time praying
And listening for his voice

We often go our own way
Which lets the devil in
We gossip and we criticise
Which really is a sin

There are lots of things we say and do
Which can lead us astray
But if we choose to abide in Christ
Then the devil has no way

Of getting in the door
And bringing pain and strife
‘Cos he will get in anywhere
To try and take our life

So keep abiding in our God
For he is the only way
And we can walk in His steps
If we take the time to pray

Lesley Mills

© 2007 Lesley Mills


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