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I made certain of my standing when I made my job secure,
With my money in investments, of the future I was sure,
I made certain of my lover and I had a wealth of friends
And I looked towards a happy life of joy that never ends.

I was going places surely, when my wealth began to rise,
I was someone quite important on this speck beneath the skies,
And secure with all the planning, I just settled back to see
How the years would swell my living...and I thought that I was free!

Till one day,. I looked it over and my heart began to sink,
For it suddenly seemed foolish that I hadn't stopped to think,
All those plans made for the future, when I only had TODAY
And I might not see Tomorrow if my breath was torn away!

I had missed the point that mattered! And my future fell apart.
I was ONE SPACE BREATH FROM DYING! Who could save a silent heart?
So I asked, WHO OWNS TOMORROW? For it's something I can't buy
And my plans would come to nothing if tomorrow I should die!

All the things the world had taught me hinged upon the answer there,
But I thought it far too simple and too trite to lay in prayer,
All the wisdom of my learning, all my future living lay
On the knife-edge of that knowledge that I only owned TODAY.

Now, I KNOW I own Tomorrow...and I need not plan ahead,
For the door of Death unbolted when a simple prayer was said
That brought Heaven down to meet me..and the Owner of my time
Stretched His hand and laid Tomorrow in these foolish hands of mine!

So my friend, if YOU are trusting in the plans that lie ahead,
Ask yourself 'WHO OWNS TOMORROW?' and try seeking HIM instead,
For there's nothing that will save you if tomorrow doesn't come,
But ETERNITY will greet you if you reach for Heaven's Son!

Annette Keeble Martens.

© 2009 Annette Keeble Martens


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