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Satan went to school today. It's where he likes to go,
He's got a lot of things to teach that children shouldn't know,
He's managed to continue what he did for Johnny's dad
Now Johnny feels rejected and the teacher thinks he's bad.

Young Sarah lost her boyfriend as he told an awful lie
So just like Sarah's mother does, today she'll sit and cry
And all before the morning break when he brings out his plan
To turn young Steven Jones into a vicious violent man.

Young James has watched his father watching sex on the TV
So Satan found a text book filled with HIS vocabulary
And sold it to the James thinks that it's O.K.
To try out ALL his urgings and he's starting to be gay.

The Devil hated Christians who approached religious things
So he moved fast when she got them to seek the King of Kings,
In fact he only breathed again and almost tasted bliss
When she got persecuted for religious prejudice.

Yes, Satan went to school today while lots of demons stayed
And kept the children on the streets where brand new games got played,
With drugs and sex and violence and brushes with the Law
In fact, he's undecided what he really enjoys more!


Satan's not the only one who went to school today,
The Saviour took MY children and He stayed with them all day.
I asked Him and it's what He said He already had planned
Right from the moment that I put my children in His hand.

Have YOU?                                                                                       

Annette Keeble Martens.

© 2009 Annette Keeble Martens


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