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Jeremiah was a man who figured strangely in God's plan,
'A gloomy prophet' people cried, 'unpatriotic',  so they tried
To silence him with pain and grief, and rarely did he find relief!

But God said He would see Him through, and did not seem true!
So, Jeremiah bowed his head.. 'I served you faithfully' he said
'And I've been proud to bear your name but YOU HAVE LET ME DOWN AGAIN!
Your help is like a mountain spring. Sometimes it's full and then NOTHING!

I always get the sticky end, and even those who call me 'friend'
Just wait the time to turn me in, because I preach to them of sin.
No message you say preach is KIND. No wonder hate is what I find,
Can't I for once say something NICE? Would it be such a sacrifice?

You said 'have no anxiety'. Uriah preached the same as me
Predictions which were right and true, but they killed him because of You.
They threw me down into a well and beat me more than I can tell.
You made them laugh my words to scorn and now, I wish I'd not been born!

But Lord...what else is there to do? My heart burns up inside for you
And like or not, I MUST obey and warn men of their sins today.
You made me, so you have the right to do what's pleasing in your sight.'
YES...Jeremiah was a man who figured strangely in God's plan

Poor Jeremiah, some might say..but if you look on Judgement Day
Then seated there before the King, you will see a wondrous thing,
HE has reaped HIS faithfulness.  FRIEND IN CHRIST, WILL YOU DO LESS?

Annette Keeble Martens.

© 2009 Annette Keeble Martens


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