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'I love you' He said softly, 'more than words can ever say
And how I yearn to touch  you, all the hours you're away..
See, all around are flowers that I've laid before your feet,
Is there not some quiet corner where an hour we could meet?'

I turned my back! I heard Him, but I didn't want to know,
I thought my other friends had far far better things to show,
What did I need with flowers? There were shining things MY way,
I found another person's arms...and cast the flowers away.

But always He was watching. I would wake each day to see
Him standing in some corner reaching out His arms to me.
'Why does He interfere,' I thought  'That's not the love I need,
I know the things that please me most!' I'd turn and I would plead

'Please go away...I'm happy!' But it wasn't always so,
The times I fell, my heart was glad He didn't want to go
And He was glad to help me..but I'd leave Him so alone
And never once did He reproach me for the things I'd done.

Then one day, He was missing and my heart began to fear.
I didn't want Him there...but Oh, I missed His being near.
I searched and searched each corner of my life's small cluttered room,
He wasn't anywhere..and on my heart there fell a gloom.

The things I loved seemed empty..and I ran the lonely street,
I cried out just to tell Him, I'd found time when we could meet.
Then I looked up and saw Him..He was dead..upon a tree
And there, I realised that He had died for love of me.

I picked the gentle flowers and I cried the whole night through,
The echo of His whisper kept on saying 'I love you'.
If only, cried my soul, I could have found ONE hour for Him,
I thought I'd shut His pleading out...but I had let PAIN in!

That night, I found a corner...a small, secret, lonely place,
And knelt to pray and ask the Lord to let me see His face,
And suddenly...before I ever finished with my prayer
Two warm arms closed around me...AND MY SAVIOUR..HE WAS THERE!

Annette Keeble Martens.

© 2009 Annette Keeble Martens


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