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He is coming! Did you know that? HE is coming down again,
This time we'll bow and worship Him, not give Him grief and pain.
He's coming, yes, he's coming as the lightening in the sky
The Prince of Life is coming with a great triumphant cry!

Oh the joy when we shall see Him on that great and mighty day,
No more tears or pain and anguish..ALL MY TROUBLES WIPED AWAY!
No more doubting, no more trials, just the Rapture from on high
When He throws His arms around me in the brightness of the sky.

Are YOU watching? Are YOU waiting? Does YOUR heart leap up inside?
Will YOU stand there in the open, or beseech a place to hide?
What is better? To be ready for that glorious day ahead
Or to scoff and find you're standing with the armies of the Dead?

Oh believe me, it WILL happen, Jesus Christ WILL come again,
He will come in all His glory for eternity to reign.
And I'll lift MY hands to meet Him for He's loved me now so long,
Don't YOU want to join the Ransomed in that great Eternal throng?

It is LATE and getting LATER and there's little time to choose,
Will you only gather riches that eventually you'll lose?
COME AND GIVE YOUR LIFE TO JESUS and make certain of ONE thing,
You'll Eternally be grateful at the coming of Life's King!

Annette Keeble Martens.

© 2009 Annette Keeble Martens


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