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I polish all the furniture until I make it shine
And yet, the only eyes to ever see it will be mine.
Somebody says 'hello' maybe to pass the time of day
Then I'm forgotten as they turn and hurry on their way.

Nobody knows I'm so alone inside that I could die,
Nobody sees the unshed tears that in my heart I cry.
There is no-one to listen and there is no-one to share
The aching empty darkness of my world so filled with care.

Sometimes I want to scream it out and force someone to stay,
Just long enough to help me wipe the darkness all away
But I just keep on going, as if everything were well
And live each awful moment on the very edge of hell!

My friend, if YOU are hurting, if you're all alone today,
Turn to the Saviour Jesus, bend your knee to Him and pray
He's loved you every second of your life and Jesus CARES
For all your aching loneliness and bitterness He shares.

He died to take your sins away and if you will receive
Forgiveness for your sins and in His sacrifice, believe,
You'll find you've opened up the door to ALL you'll ever need,
To LOVE that has the power to heal the deep place where you bleed.

My Jesus will be ALL to you. He'll love you without end
And you will NEVER be alone again, without a Friend.
This world may pass you by and may not care, but oh it's TRUE

Annette Keeble Martens.

© 2009 Annette Keeble Martens


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