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A Different Dimension

An empty invitation less,
One hour in which no key turned in the lock.
The silent sound of no-one on the stairs,
The conversation of a ticking clock.

You left me these, and I'd reach for your hand
To find a space filled full of empty pain,
I'd do my hair and turn to see you smile
That funny smile when I was being vain.

To find just me...and somewhere deep within
That awful fist of sickness twisting round,
For you were gone, and two of us had died,
I searched for you, but you could not be found.

'Called Home' they said 'Called up to higher things'
In Jesu's house you filled another chair,
You turned your key in His Eternal home
Into a world I thought I could not share.

To me, you died, and took my life away
Though others said that we could never part
And said to live as if you were still there,
I couldn't live without my only heart.

Could I forget when there was only me
To do the things that we had always done?
There was a space, an awful, empty space
That wouldn't fill, not even with God's Son.

I loved Him well, and all the peace that came
Was due to Him, but NOTHING could replace
Your arms, your voice, your gentle, gentle touch,
The times you'd wake and kiss my sleeping face.
  I loved too much, too much to just forget
That you were gone, for you were all to me
And I would pray to find it was your name
My lips would form each time I bent my knee.

Until one day, I learned a lovely thing,
A thing that I, with all my grief, forgot,
It took me hours to really understand
Before I turned that knowledge in Death's lock.

Just simply this. My saviour whispered low
That He is there to ever hold my hand,
He lives with me. His arms surround my soul,
Twas no mistake, but just as He had planned,

And when you died, you went to be with Him,
With HIM my love, and if He's here with ME,
YOU CAN'T BE FAR! You MUST be by my side,
Just out of sight in God's Eternity.

I cannot reach or touch you as before
But we loved Christ without His hand to touch!
We lived in joy not seeing Him each day,
Without mere sight, we loved the Saviour much.

And now it's YOU that I can't reach to hold,
It's you who walk unseen by me each day.
I miss the SIGHT but love does NOT depend
On such as this..FOR YOU'VE NOT GONE AWAY!

You've just gone Home... and I have yet to come.
My travelling days are long, but now I know
The three of us just walk in different spheres,
Yet we are one....and Home's not far to go!

Annette Keeble Martens.

© 2009 Annette Keeble Martens


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